Public Speaking

Michelle is a light hearted, grounded and inspiring speaker, who takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of living with anxiety and depression, and the path towards finding hope and maintaining a level of recovery in her everyday life.

With the birth of her third daughter, Isabella, who suffers from a rare genetic disability, Michelle was thrust into a world of unknowns and a deep sense of grief, enhanced by the absolute heartbreak she felt for her baby. Attempting to adapt to an uncertain future, Michelle spent a great deal of time as a slave to the despair and darkness which felt like it had overcome her entire existence.

With many attempts to escape the sadness, and relentless negative chatter which consumed her mind, Michelle reached breaking point, suicide at the forefront of the negative mind.

After more than a year, Michelle began to connect with her study in Yoga once again, after having let it go after the birth of Isabella. Seeing a therapist began to allow Michelle to unfold the layers of her pain that she was experiencing, and the use of replacing negative chatter with Positive Affirmation opened up a pathway for light to enter her thoughts.

The journey towards recovery had begun!

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